New Business Ideas - Rent large and/or expensive equipment

340 New Business Ideas

Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

340 New Business Ideas - Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

New Business Ideas #9 – Rent out large equipment

rent-equipmentRent out large/expensive equipment for hobbies

Purchase, insure and rent out large and expensive astronomical telescopes to householders who want to develop their interest in astronomy. Consider also renting out other peripherals needed for the ‘observing session’ such as binoculars, telescopes, mounts, filters, etc. Sell star

maps to aid amateurs locate astronomical objects easily. Provide more options by creating different rental packages for individuals and groups. Check out for some ideas.

Publicize your service at the local astronomy society and use local advertising to attract clients. Do school workshops to get the kids interested and conduct mini astronomy night field trips for families in the local area.

Check out places like:


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