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340 New Business Ideas

Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

340 New Business Ideas - Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

New Business Ideas #29 – Publish a podcast for a variety of niches

podcasting_7261Create and publish a podcast for a variety of niches

Here is one of my favourite new business ideas.

Know of any experienced business owners and professionals in your area such as solicitors, salons, accountants, booksellers, beauty therapists, etc that might have a lot to say that will help others. Think you have a gift for talking and could possibly transfer their knowledge through a podcast or interview them to help other business owners. Consider if you want to create individual podcasts for each business type or run an interview program similar to Small Business Big Marketing – I do the copywriting for

Tim’s show and it offers a wonderful range of advice of expertise. Start by offering the service to local business owners and as you become more popular consider branching out.

Why not publish a regular podcast. Each audio could provide trade news, management tips, suggestions for improving sales, marketing, featured products, and so on.

Organise a direct mail campaign to recruit potential professionals who may be interested. Setup your recruit website that showcases any podcasts you have already done. Allow subscribers to download several audios/videos for free. If they want more, they have to pay for the rest (e.g. $30 for 6 months) like what is done with the imagazines on iTunes.

Use affiliates to help you market your program. Advertise the affiliate program on your website, as well as several popular social media platforms.

Looking for advice on how to start? There is an article on how to publish a podcast on iTunes and there are numerous courses to help get your content top notch. Here’s another one from Slideshare, this is a little old but may still offer some great advice on how to create, publish and market your audio podcast.

Here are some links to some low cost short courses:

howtocreateapodcastonitunespodcasting-course 10hourpodcasttraining

new  podcastwithgarageband




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