Tourism Archives - 340 New Business Ideas

340 New Business Ideas

Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

340 New Business Ideas - Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

#59 – Paint or sketch portraits for tourists

artist_brush_palette_4443Paint/sketch portraits for tourists visiting the area

If you live in a tourist area and have a talent for drawing, produce ‘lifelike’ portraits for passers-by using a variety of mediums. Incorporate some local background features such as a bridge, tower, etc. to help them remember their stay or to hang in their lounge area. Continue reading

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#54 – Create your own bed and breakfast

hotel_room_12721Start your own bed and breakfast

Buy a run down house and do it up for a bed and breakfast establishment or update your existing home and create a separate private area for guests. Provide a sightseeing service for a small fee and consider other added value items you can add to your service to make it special.

Market your B&B in tourist magazines, local and online travel agencies, travel websites, create accounts in social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, and set up a website where customers can do online reservations.

Offer cheaper weekday packages and special weekend packages with all inclusive. Demonstrate the benefits of a stay with you over your competitor.

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#42 – Organize river or coastal tourist boat trips

leader_at_helm_4485Organize river or coastal boat trips

If you live in a tourist area or trying to attract tourists to your area, arrange for boat or 4wd trips, horse & cart rides, or something out of the ordinary combination of two or more exciting activities, to bring people to your area.

You can also sell all-in-one passes to tourist destinations in your community. Ask local shop owners and nearby tourist bureaus to display your brochures.

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New Business Ideas #27 – Make souvenir luggage tags

travel-luggage-tagsMake souvenir luggage tags

These tags might feature the name of a holiday town and a popular scene and can be made of wood or leather. Get your tags stocked at shops visited by tourists, create a website for online sales and tourist tips to popular destinations. Advertise on travel websites. Also, consider

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New Business Ideas #22 – Set up a holiday companion introduction service

stick_figures_enjoying_coffee_12809Set up a holiday companion introduction service

Your service matches and introduces single people who do not have anyone to go on holiday with. Place classified ads in numerous publications to attract clients and partner up with travel agencies and information centres. You may even like to create a publication that lists people who are looking for holiday companions without including full details of their name of course.

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