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340 New Business Ideas

Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

340 New Business Ideas - Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

#55 – Design star sign products

libra_symbol_270Design and publish diaries or calendars for each star sign

The special feature of these diaries/calendars is that a star reading is given for each day/month of the coming year. Have these diaries mounted in a special/appealing display rack. Either sell online, stock in a wide range of shops, and sell at the markets. Continue reading

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New Business Ideas #19 – Develop a course on ‘How to Write Short stories for Profit’

book_stack_pc_3258Develop a course on ‘How to Write Short Stories for Profit’

Know how to write a story to make money. Why not write a course!

This particular idea is one of the many 340 new business ideas you can implement without having to put up any capital. If you are a professional writer who makes money from your stories, develop an online, correspondence, or in person course that explains how writers can sell their writing to magazines, newspapers, blogs, and websites. You can create a Kindle eBook which embodies all of your knowledge, and advertise through online marketplaces such as ClickBank and Amazon.

Here is a course to teach you how to write such an instructional based book.

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New Business Ideas #11 – Create and distribute a regular publication

newspaper_stack_text_11332 (1)Create and distribute a regular publication for musicians in your area

Bring out a regular publication for ambitious amateur musicians including employers seeking musicians; and musicians seeking to make contact with other musicians. Feature different artists every month and conduct exclusive interviews with some of the rising bands or artists from your area. Dedicate a page to announce the upcoming events and music festivals happening in your community or region.

Continue reading

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New business ideas #5 – Produce customised Christmas cards

new business idea - custom greeting cards for christmasCreate and produce custom cards

This new business idea includes creating and producing Christmas, greeting, or message cards that are preprinted with popular family names. You could customise a message or leave it blank for customers to complete. Take a look at this site for ideas!

Ideas could include a greeting such as ‘Merry Christmas from the Jones’ family’.

Sell ‘same surname’ packs of 10 cards by direct mail to people listed in Continue reading

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