Music Archives - 340 New Business Ideas

340 New Business Ideas

Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

340 New Business Ideas - Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

#52 – Open your own school of rock

guitar_on_fire_12846Open a school of rock

Provide classes that teach different aspects of rock. Students can learn singing, playing electric guitars, writing music and songs, designing stage presentations, etc. Add credibility to the school by paying established rock musicians to give lessons, demonstrations or for special guest appearances. Maybe even have the students do a performance at the end of the year or term. Continue reading

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#51 – Write and record personalised songs

music_square_icon_7971Write and record personalized songs

Produce songs for all occasions, such as engagements, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, births, homecomings, graduation, or just to say ‘I love you’.

Couples may have a song written especially for their wedding day or anniversary, and special songs may be written for a loved one’s funeral service. Tell someone how you feel about them by sending a song in the mail (cd or mp3). Continue reading

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#44 – Find entertainers for functions

magician_performing_trick_6600Provide a service for ‘find entertainers for functions’

Services could be for businesses, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays baptisms, baby showers, etc. Charge a flat fee paid by the client.

To cater to all kinds of occasions, build up a portfolio of entertainers under each type such as magicians, R&B singers, wedding singers, rock band. Continue reading

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#43 – Create a background music for websites and products

stick_figure_playing_piano_12430Play background music

If you can play a musical instrument, you can make a living by providing background music at restaurants, pubs, wine bars, tearooms, hotel breakfasts, amusement arcades, ice skating rinks, and so on.

Advertise your new business idea in the local newspaper or through online classified ad websites in your area. Create your own website and link to it from forums and Q&A sites. Continue reading

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New Business Ideas #25 – Produce audio nursery rhymes

cd_music_symbol_3857Produce quality audio, CDs, or mp3’s of modern & soothing nursery rhymes

Often parents do want some help to be more creative with their playtime or bedtime with the kids. Target parent clubs, babysitting clubs, playgroups, markets, bookclubs, daycare centres. Upload digital copies to online marketplaces.

Continue reading

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New Business Ideas #11 – Create and distribute a regular publication

newspaper_stack_text_11332 (1)Create and distribute a regular publication for musicians in your area

Bring out a regular publication for ambitious amateur musicians including employers seeking musicians; and musicians seeking to make contact with other musicians. Feature different artists every month and conduct exclusive interviews with some of the rising bands or artists from your area. Dedicate a page to announce the upcoming events and music festivals happening in your community or region.

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