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340 New Business Ideas

Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

340 New Business Ideas - Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

#56 – Design and create costumes for promotions

promotionalcostumeDesign and create costumes for promotions

These could be customized by the customer to suit a particular event (i.e. for a product launch, a company may want someone in an outfit that looks like their product). The costume could be specially designed to suit the corporate image of the company. As a extra, provide the people to wear the costume at the event as well.

Using your own people will help ensure that resell or rented items are looked after. After the event, rent or sell the costume depending on customization and resellability. Let advertising agencies and public relations departments know about your service to help get your new business idea up and running.

Click here for some examples of promotional costumes. Continue reading

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#47 – Start a kids dress up box business

pirate_sword_on_guard_10512Start up a dress up boxes business for kids

This is one of my very favorite ideas. Kids love to dress up, but buying new dress up clothes/costumes these days can be really expensive. They also grow out of them so fast, plus change their minds on what they like. So why not create dress up boxes for boys & girls different age groups?

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#44 – Find entertainers for functions

magician_performing_trick_6600Provide a service for ‘find entertainers for functions’

Services could be for businesses, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays baptisms, baby showers, etc. Charge a flat fee paid by the client.

To cater to all kinds of occasions, build up a portfolio of entertainers under each type such as magicians, R&B singers, wedding singers, rock band. Continue reading

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#43 – Create a background music for websites and products

stick_figure_playing_piano_12430Play background music

If you can play a musical instrument, you can make a living by providing background music at restaurants, pubs, wine bars, tearooms, hotel breakfasts, amusement arcades, ice skating rinks, and so on.

Advertise your new business idea in the local newspaper or through online classified ad websites in your area. Create your own website and link to it from forums and Q&A sites. Continue reading

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New Business Ideas #30 – Create a school holiday fun program


Create a school holiday fun program for a new business idea

I don’t think there is ever enough holiday programs available in any one area, do you?

This new business idea is about creating educational & fun holiday programs for young teens that they will be happy to keep coming back to.  Choose activities that are unique and interesting like Continue reading

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New Business Ideas #20 – After School Program for Teens

colored_chairs_diversity_circle_12953Develop an after school or school holiday program for young adults/teens & tweens

There can never be enough after school programs for tweens & teens.  

Start up a program suitable for teenagers that will help them in their personal growth and educational development. Provide a facility for doing homework and conducting group studies. You can also provide them access to amenities such as computers, projectors and cinema rooms. The facility can also include additional amenities (e.g. basketball courts, board games, etc.) which

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New Business Ideas #11 – Create and distribute a regular publication

newspaper_stack_text_11332 (1)Create and distribute a regular publication for musicians in your area

Bring out a regular publication for ambitious amateur musicians including employers seeking musicians; and musicians seeking to make contact with other musicians. Feature different artists every month and conduct exclusive interviews with some of the rising bands or artists from your area. Dedicate a page to announce the upcoming events and music festivals happening in your community or region.

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