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340 New Business Ideas

Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

340 New Business Ideas - Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

#52 – Open your own school of rock

guitar_on_fire_12846Open a school of rock

Provide classes that teach different aspects of rock. Students can learn singing, playing electric guitars, writing music and songs, designing stage presentations, etc. Add credibility to the school by paying established rock musicians to give lessons, demonstrations or for special guest appearances. Maybe even have the students do a performance at the end of the year or term. Continue reading

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#39 – Provide a tuition service on ‘how to write good English’

stick_figure_at_chalk_board_pc_3803Provide a tuition service on ‘how to write good English’

Advertise your service by placing cards in windows of local newsagents, local magazines or papers, and shopping centres. Point out the advantages of taking the course, such as getting a better job and helping the children with their homework. Advertise your service through online by creating a website and providing a subscription service.

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New Business Ideas #19 – Develop a course on ‘How to Write Short stories for Profit’

book_stack_pc_3258Develop a course on ‘How to Write Short Stories for Profit’

Know how to write a story to make money. Why not write a course!

This particular idea is one of the many 340 new business ideas you can implement without having to put up any capital. If you are a professional writer who makes money from your stories, develop an online, correspondence, or in person course that explains how writers can sell their writing to magazines, newspapers, blogs, and websites. You can create a Kindle eBook which embodies all of your knowledge, and advertise through online marketplaces such as ClickBank and Amazon.

Here is a course to teach you how to write such an instructional based book.

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New Business Ideas #17 – Establish an Investment School

darts_stuck_into_stock_page_9264Found and run a school of investment targeting a niche

For financial enthusiasts and specialists, this particular idea is undeniably one of the best new business ideas for the year. Found & run a school of investment targeting a niche that benefits young adults and professionals looking to build their portfolio or understand money.

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New Business Ideas #14 – Establish a window dressing school

custom-shopfront-display-schoolEstablish a window dressing school

There has always been a tight competition in the retail industry and having a visually appealing window display can attract more customers to buy in that store. If you have the artistic flair and the know-how in visual merchandising, set up and run your own school that teaches window dressing as an artistic outlet.

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New Business Ideas #8 – Create an online course

createonlinecourseCreate an online course on ‘How to Write A Cookbook’ for different types of foods/diets

There are many good cooks out there that have a lot to share when it comes to creating perfect dishes. With this course, you can help them write about what they love the most – food!

Create an online course that includes information about ‘how to create recipes’, ‘how to present them in written form’, and ‘what makes a successful cooking book’. Include relevant topics such as food blogging, creating food memoirs, mastering the art of food photography, and how to become a restaurant reviewer. Partner with restaurants, cooking schools, and bakeries to market your book.

Also consider hosting your own cooking vlog on Youtube or other video sharing sites.

Click here to find out how to create your own online course Continue reading

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