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340 New Business Ideas

Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

340 New Business Ideas - Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

#59 – Paint or sketch portraits for tourists

artist_brush_palette_4443Paint/sketch portraits for tourists visiting the area

If you live in a tourist area and have a talent for drawing, produce ‘lifelike’ portraits for passers-by using a variety of mediums. Incorporate some local background features such as a bridge, tower, etc. to help them remember their stay or to hang in their lounge area. Continue reading

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#58 – Paint custom in-home art

inhome-artistPaint custom artwork for homeowners

If you have the artistic ability to sketch, paint, illustrate, or draw, go door-to-door displaying your works and telling people you can create beautiful custom artworks for their homes.

Start a direct mail campaign to advise residents that you provide a customised service where a piece of artwork can be created for any room in their home or even directly onto the wall.

You will need a portfolio that is diverse. You could even partner with other artists and take a fee for connecting the artist with the home owner that is best suited for the style desired by the client.

Here are some ideas:

As a side, you could also partner with a framing business. You would promote their framing service in return for them advertising your art service.

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#55 – Design star sign products

libra_symbol_270Design and publish diaries or calendars for each star sign

The special feature of these diaries/calendars is that a star reading is given for each day/month of the coming year. Have these diaries mounted in a special/appealing display rack. Either sell online, stock in a wide range of shops, and sell at the markets. Continue reading

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#54 – Create your own bed and breakfast

hotel_room_12721Start your own bed and breakfast

Buy a run down house and do it up for a bed and breakfast establishment or update your existing home and create a separate private area for guests. Provide a sightseeing service for a small fee and consider other added value items you can add to your service to make it special.

Market your B&B in tourist magazines, local and online travel agencies, travel websites, create accounts in social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, and set up a website where customers can do online reservations.

Offer cheaper weekday packages and special weekend packages with all inclusive. Demonstrate the benefits of a stay with you over your competitor.

Contemporary Heaven

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#53 – Sell garden items through mail order

best_new_business_ideas_gardeningSell garden items through mail order

Are you looking for ideas for new business? Heres’s one that may be fit. Obtain supplies of gardening items you think would be popular for a target market you select, say elderly.

What types of items would they like? Produce a catalogue with the items and make them available through mail order. Alternatively, create a folder of supplier catalogues and do door-to-door sales. Continue reading

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#52 – Open your own school of rock

guitar_on_fire_12846Open a school of rock

Provide classes that teach different aspects of rock. Students can learn singing, playing electric guitars, writing music and songs, designing stage presentations, etc. Add credibility to the school by paying established rock musicians to give lessons, demonstrations or for special guest appearances. Maybe even have the students do a performance at the end of the year or term. Continue reading

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#51 – Write and record personalised songs

music_square_icon_7971Write and record personalized songs

Produce songs for all occasions, such as engagements, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, births, homecomings, graduation, or just to say ‘I love you’.

Couples may have a song written especially for their wedding day or anniversary, and special songs may be written for a loved one’s funeral service. Tell someone how you feel about them by sending a song in the mail (cd or mp3). Continue reading

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#47 – Start a kids dress up box business

pirate_sword_on_guard_10512Start up a dress up boxes business for kids

This is one of my very favorite ideas. Kids love to dress up, but buying new dress up clothes/costumes these days can be really expensive. They also grow out of them so fast, plus change their minds on what they like. So why not create dress up boxes for boys & girls different age groups?

Continue reading

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