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340 New Business Ideas

Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

340 New Business Ideas - Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

#47 – Start a kids dress up box business

pirate_sword_on_guard_10512Start up a dress up boxes business for kids

This is one of my very favorite ideas. Kids love to dress up, but buying new dress up clothes/costumes these days can be really expensive. They also grow out of them so fast, plus change their minds on what they like. So why not create dress up boxes for boys & girls different age groups?

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New Business Ideas #36 – Write new nursery rhymes

nursery-ryhm-writingWrite new nursery rhymes

The old fashioned nursery rhymes are no good for today’s children. Let’s face it, why the heck would you want to read or sing “Rock a bye baby …. bow breaks baby will fall…” Not something we want to teach to our kids. Write your own and they could become timeless, and more appealing (or relevant) for today’s generation.

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New Business Ideas #10 – Rent out expensive toys

toon_tank_6639Rent out expensive toys

Here’s an idea for making money. Setup a rental service that offers expensive/high ticket item toys and gadgets on a monthly payment plan.

Premium and branded toys cost a fortune, and kids tend to outgrow their fondness of them over a short period of time. With this kind of business, you’ll be helping parents save money by renting out these items at an affordable rate. Not only that, kids get to choose from a wide selection of toys that are in-demand.

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