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340 New Business Ideas

Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

340 New Business Ideas - Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

#60 – Gather survey information for clients

clipboard_check_em_5568Gather survey information for clients

Establish a survey service where you go door-to-door for businesses or homes to obtain survey information for targeted markets (i.e. the elderly; go to an area where there is large elderly population). Most business owners would not feel comfortable or have the time to Continue reading

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#54 – Create your own bed and breakfast

hotel_room_12721Start your own bed and breakfast

Buy a run down house and do it up for a bed and breakfast establishment or update your existing home and create a separate private area for guests. Provide a sightseeing service for a small fee and consider other added value items you can add to your service to make it special.

Market your B&B in tourist magazines, local and online travel agencies, travel websites, create accounts in social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, and set up a website where customers can do online reservations.

Offer cheaper weekday packages and special weekend packages with all inclusive. Demonstrate the benefits of a stay with you over your competitor.

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New Business Ideas #32 – Write a monthly newsletter about…

direct-mailWrite a monthly newsletter that promotes competitions

List competitions that are available for various target markets. Such as poetry, writing, photography, design competitions, or create your own competitions to regularly gain new subscribers. You could attract interest from local businesses to offer prizes in return for

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New Business Ideas #29 – Publish a podcast for a variety of niches

podcasting_7261Create and publish a podcast for a variety of niches

Here is one of my favourite new business ideas.

Know of any experienced business owners and professionals in your area such as solicitors, salons, accountants, booksellers, beauty therapists, etc that might have a lot to say that will help others. Think you have a gift for talking and could possibly transfer their knowledge through a podcast or interview them to help other business owners. Consider if you want to create individual podcasts for each business type or run an interview program similar to Small Business Big Marketing – I do the copywriting for

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