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340 New Business Ideas

Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

340 New Business Ideas - Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

#61 – Manufacture mosaic making kits

cubes_fall_out_9555Manufacture mosaic-making kits for kids and adults

Each kit may have a pre-designed mosaic that is put together like a jigsaw puzzle. Make your designs unique and interesting so that they appeal to a variety of customer types such as the elderly, young couples, and families. Use ads in craft magazines to sell kits by mail order, blogs, craft websites, and in your local magazine or newspaper. Continue reading

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#59 – Paint or sketch portraits for tourists

artist_brush_palette_4443Paint/sketch portraits for tourists visiting the area

If you live in a tourist area and have a talent for drawing, produce ‘lifelike’ portraits for passers-by using a variety of mediums. Incorporate some local background features such as a bridge, tower, etc. to help them remember their stay or to hang in their lounge area. Continue reading

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#58 – Paint custom in-home art

inhome-artistPaint custom artwork for homeowners

If you have the artistic ability to sketch, paint, illustrate, or draw, go door-to-door displaying your works and telling people you can create beautiful custom artworks for their homes.

Start a direct mail campaign to advise residents that you provide a customised service where a piece of artwork can be created for any room in their home or even directly onto the wall.

You will need a portfolio that is diverse. You could even partner with other artists and take a fee for connecting the artist with the home owner that is best suited for the style desired by the client.

Here are some ideas:

As a side, you could also partner with a framing business. You would promote their framing service in return for them advertising your art service.

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New Business Ideas #33 – Create craftwork plans

craftworkplan.gifDesign a series of plans for craftwork ideas

Craft works may include woodwork, soft toys, leather goods, and so on. Sell printed patterns to industry professionals or at the markets and reproduction rights to the designs. Then, any craft worker or hobbyist can start a mail order business selling the plans or creating the designs using their abilities and you offer a subscription service where they get the latest blueprint every month and pay a yearly fee for a licence to be a reseller or creator of your designs.

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New Business Ideas #31 – Make or purchase wood toys or games

wooden-toysMake wooden games and toys that are timeless

You can make or purchase games like naughts and crosses, chess, checkers, and so many more that can be sold or rented to daycare centres. Here is a toy shop with a range of wood toys to give you some ideas. You might light to make or buy them ready made.

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New Business Ideas #30 – Create a school holiday fun program


Create a school holiday fun program for a new business idea

I don’t think there is ever enough holiday programs available in any one area, do you?

This new business idea is about creating educational & fun holiday programs for young teens that they will be happy to keep coming back to.  Choose activities that are unique and interesting like Continue reading

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New Business Ideas #27 – Make souvenir luggage tags

travel-luggage-tagsMake souvenir luggage tags

These tags might feature the name of a holiday town and a popular scene and can be made of wood or leather. Get your tags stocked at shops visited by tourists, create a website for online sales and tourist tips to popular destinations. Advertise on travel websites. Also, consider

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New Business Ideas #26 – Make unique, handmade covers for…

Make stylish, handmade covers for …

Similar to what you get with mobile devices, you could make stylish covers for eye wear, library bags, scissors, bibles, money, phones, tablets, and so much more. At first, make a diversity of products until you discover the most popular and profitable, then specialise. Here is a store that offers a range of gorgeous, handmade covers, check these out – iphone handbags
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