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340 New Business Ideas - Unique & Creative New Business Ideas

5 New Business Ideas for $5

Start enjoying your work!

  • start a home based business
  • start a small local business
  • start a franchise
  • make money from a hobby
  • start up a non-profit organisation
  • build an empire

5-business-ideas-book The 5 new business ideas provided for $5 are suggestions for possible new ventures you could start up. Some of these new business ideas involve a lot more work than others and will depend on your personality, lifestyle, and environment to make them successful.

Although I believe these ideas are original and have the potential for profit, you must do your own research to establish if the idea is under patent or trademark, has marketability, if you have the skills and experience to manage it, if you have the money to establish the business, infringes copyright, and so on. You must also obtain advice as to whether the idea requires a particular licence to operate in your district.

If you would like help with setting up a new business for any of these niche topics check your local council because they usually have some great free services and advice, or write to me via email to discuss your requirements. I can then point you in the right direction or provide you with a quote for coming up with name ideas, logos, advertisements, marketing campaigns, business plan, blog, and so on.

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Thoughts before you start a business

The world is a huge place, just because someone else has the same or similar idea doesn’t mean you too can’t use that same concept to develop your own distinctive product or service.

Be guarded when sharing your idea, it is a good idea to consider whether you need a non-disclosure agreement to be signed between parties you are discussing your idea with. This will protect you somewhat. Seek legal advice with a patent attorney or small business advisory service before proceeding with an idea, you can usually speak with someone free for the first consultation and you are guaranteed confidentiality.

Competition is good, but stealing and infringing copyright on someone else’s product/service is not. I recommend you do your homework before you start any venture!

Quick tips on marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising can be very expensive, but if you are smart you can easily get free publicity in your local paper or other media, and you can create a website or blog.

Advertising could include local and national newspapers, local shop windows, local or global magazines, internet advertising, coupons, and much more.
If you suck at marketing or advertising, consider hiring a freelance assistant or design / marketing student looking for experience. Stick to what you are good at and get someone to help you do the stuff they are good at. Plus, you get to spend more time working on your business.

You may not like selling but you can hire someone to do it for you. If funds are tight use a commission only incentive (create an affiliate program if selling online). If you have funding, hire someone that has experience in your market, they could also conduct surveys in your area to help you target your sales and marketing drive.

Providing a free delivery service is invaluable and could bring in extra business, even if you are the dearest in town. You can factor in your costs for delivery and make a deal with local delivery company so you can offer delivery for free or at reasonable prices.

Always consider if the idea is suitable for advertising on multiple mediums such as print, online (internet), shop front, markets, door knocking, or mail order. The location of your business should be determined by your target market (ie. the type of customer you are trying to attract), do they shop online or read the papers for example.

Here are the top 5 unique business ideas for 2014. You can use these ideas for online business or traditional setup, or both. You can also use these business ideas from home. These are not just a copy of someone else’s business ideas, they are originals written by me.

Let’s get started tips

Use your imagination to develop any idea further and make your business stand out from the crowd. Even if someone else in your area has the same idea you can make yours different and/or better in terms of quality and customer service. You could even consider going into partnership with them, as you obviously think the idea has potential. Modify the idea by putting your own twist on it to make it more unique and interesting and maybe create a set of products or services that can be sold to complement your business.

Keep your business simple by not trying to do everything yourself. It does not have to be perfect to get started.

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Please read through each of these ideas, they may not spark your interest in particular, but they may spark another idea that could get your started on the journey to your own business. Make your payment below securely through paypal and you will be taken to a new page that lists my 5 unique, new business ideas for 2014.


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